For the professional singer who wishes to gain greater freedom and control over their voice and protect it from the pressures of live work or recording, for the amateur wanting to explore and improve their voice, for the total beginner wanting to find the voice within, for those who wish to explore different styles and put together a repertoire.

Rachel Black is a certified instructor with Institute for Vocal Advancement (IVA), as well as being a singer and guitarist in her own right with over 20 years of performing experience. She was a certified teacher with Seth Rigg’s Speech Level Singing (SLS) for over 8 years and this forms the basis for her technique. Her certification level is Mentor Instructor / level 5. She teaches from her own studio in Highgate, North London (N6). Internationally she is a regular teacher in the Italian io canto- Stage di canto e perfezionamento vocale, teaching all over Italy. She has also taught in Israel (conducting master classes in Tel Aviv) and has taught in France, Spain, Mexico and Brazil. She coaches in all styles from Latin, Jazz, Rock, Pop, R’n’B, and Gospel to Musical Theatre and Classical. Her clients include recording artists with recognised labels, West End performers, professional instrumental musicians and composers, amateurs and absolute beginners of all ages and nationalities.

With her relaxed but professional approach, Rachel is able to put her students immediately at ease and quickly identify their specific vocal needs. Dedicated to student development, she has supported many students from the beginning phases of singing through to competitions, performance and recording. Her 20 years of experience as a singer and guitarist and background in classical, jazz, pop, R’n’B and Latin provides her with enormous versatility as a teacher. As well as English, Rachel speaks Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese fluently, enabling her to work with linguistic issues and iron out accents in those languages. She is also well versed in both popular and traditional musical genres from Spain, Portugal, Italy, France and Latin America, working with many singers from these countries in styles as far-ranging as Fado, Flamenco, Italian song, Bossa Nova, Samba, Argentinian Zamba and Tango to Mexican Bolero, Cuban Son and Salsa.

  • Significantly increase your range, strength, control and flexibility
  • Gain a connected and natural sound throughout your range – eliminating unwanted breaks or flips or sudden changes in tone
  • Balance and improve the quality of your tone throughout your range
  • Gain breath control
  • Learn to produce a belted sound without strain
  • Ensure longevity of voice
  • Gain greater stylistic freedom
  • Increase your confidence as a singer
  • Rehabilitation from vocal issues
  • Help with the creative process of songwriting, performance and recording